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    I preordered an iPhone 6 through T-Mobile and got it on launch day. I really enjoyed the larger screen, the touch ID and how well OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1 work together. While those are three great features it's still the same old iphone. Sometimes I do like how simple it is to use but the lack of customization is why I sold my 5C in the first place.

    I've finally realized I keep going back to iPhone because all my contacts have them and iMessage is so convenient but I'm never happy away from Android.

    The terrible T-Mobile service in my area didn't help either. BTW calling T-Mobile about your bad service won't help. Once you go over the 20 day online return period they won't refund you even if the phone is unusable in certain areas. Maine isn't a good place for T-Mobile.

    My only way to get rid of T-Mobile was to pay off the EIP. I paid them $326, made 40 days of service and had them unlock the phone. Should I sell it on ebay? The ebay trending price for a 16GB iPhone 6 is $700. What are the odds I would make that?

    Now about the Android phone I picked out. Using I bought a Gold HTC One M8 for $99.99 when I signed a contract with Verizon Wireless. I know it's taller and heavier than other phones with a 5" screen but I went to a AT&T store yesterday and asked if I could hold one. It's actually very comfortable to hold and use. I had a Moto X before the iPhone 6 but it was missing the feature I need the most, a microSD slot.
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    So you sold your 5C because you can't customize the UI.
    Then you bought a iphone 6 and realized they run the same OS.
    You choosed T-mobile as a carrier and they have low signal in your area.
    You waited 20 days so you can't make a return.
    Now you're selling your iphone 6 - after spending around 400$ to kill off the t-mobile contract.

    Finally you changed your carrier to Verizon and bought an additional phone.
    Android is better because they have better signal.

    Cool story.
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    It is weird isn't it.
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    If you were going to get an HTC, at least you got it at a DISCOUNT. Don't pay for a $199+ subsidized one. HTC have terrible resell value.

    I'm trying to sell the M7 for its horrible camera but I see it selling for under $200 on eBay. An older iPhone 4s from 2011 still have higher value than an 18 month old HTC flagship! The M7's cam was really ticking me off today because I wanted a picture of my Xiaomi which I never took but every shot came out bad even when light was coming in. While my Xiaomi, it took decent shots of the HTC. The M7 simply didn't want to cooperate.

    Still, if you plan to keep your phone for awhile, not many Androids are better than the M8 right now in terms of performance, style, and features. It's camera is its main weakness. For me, I can say never say never to iPhones because of resell value. Always love their good all-around hardware too. I could live without iOS though.
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    I honestly do not like any mobile os , they are slow to update and support is short . I honestly don't care about mobile as long as it can do the basics web browsing , music and light games . It can be ios , android or Windows I could care less just as long as it does the basics well .
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    I like your version better than the OP
    Cuts to the chase :)

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