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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by VincentPX, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Dec 2, 2015
    I have an issue with the payments made with Apple Pay on a Iphone 8

    Here is bellow the issue :

    A month ago i set up 3 cards in my wallet, named Boon, Max and Endered, both last are specific to the French market, country where i’m currently living. They are all debit and master-card cards like.

    For a week everything works fine, a notification from Apple Pay popped up on the screen right away after each payment, that’s the digital receipt. But suddenly, one day, i can’t remember what i did wrong, i didn’t received any notification anymore, whatever the card i use. By notification I mean the ones which go into the history payment of the wallet’s setting. And since this day nothing pops up on the screen like it should be. Even the history payment of the wallet’s setting stays empty. The only way is to toggle off and on the history transaction switch, to get eventually the proof of payment displayed. Strange behaviour.

    I did some tricks like reseting the iPhone, removing the card and then setting them back, and checking options all around. Notification option is obviously set to on. So I called up the Apple technical support and they checked every option related to the notification in my phone and everything seems to be well configured. They promised me to come back to me later after some investigation but i’m still waiting for there answer.

    A friend of mine who has an iPhone X has also that issue but he noticed that with a credit card it works perfectly. May it be specific to the « debit » cards ?

    Have you ever heard of such a problem ?
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  3. VincentPX, Jun 19, 2018
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    Thanks for you answer rugmankc but finally it was nothing to do with the banks and i have some good news for those who's got the same problem.

    As i said I called up the Apple Technical support and they told me that an engineer will have a look on it
    And around 10 days later i noticed that the problem was gone without doing nothing special, at last notifications popped up on the screen again. For my friend it has been solved too, at the same moment. So i guess Apple fixed something on their server for both of us ( or maybe more people who haven't complained or noticed )


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