No need for Time Capsule Wireless function, only backup

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by arenson, Nov 23, 2013.

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    May 19, 2004
    The above sums up what I need, and it actually seems to be working. But there some issues.

    I moved house recently. Previously used Fiber Optic Connection, with Time Capsule connected to it (PPPoE settings in the Time Capsule) and providing wireless Internet Access. Ethernet from Time Capsule was also enabled and I did backups to the Time Capsule.

    In the new house am using a new provider's cable Internet modem with built in wireless. Settings are in their Cable Modem. Works great. Setup at new house is Cable Modem wirelessly ONLY.

    So now I have this Time Capsule sitting around and thought I would continue to use it as a backup (it has saved my life on many cases when I accidentally deleted old files, email, etc.)

    I thought I needed to do this procedure:
    but now am not too sure because it talks about turning OFF wireless, which is not what I think I need to do.

    I still have two settings in my Network Preferences on my main computer: Ethernet (from when I used to connect by Lan to router ) and Wireless.

    1) As said, computer previously connected to My old Wireless and My old wireless guest network (not sure why I did two) via Time Capsule (PPPoE)

    2) Computer now connected to Internet via My New Wireless (Motorola Cable wireless). Not connected to Internet by Ethernet, which is fine.

    3) I plugged the Time Capsule in via Ethernet, getting ready to make the changes in above Apple Discussions. But Time Machine is actually backing up, as I mentioned, presumably via Ethernet, which is turned on via my Network preferences. (By the way, has an IP address, says using DHCP). So at first thought, it seems I do not need to do anything. This is what I wanted.

    4) Problem: For wireless access my computer and all computers in the house keep looking for old My Wireless settings. I can ignore them and select My New Wireless. But I am guessing I really need to erase the old "My Old Wireless" and "My old wireless guest" settings, but I do not see a delete function. Not sure if I am on target or need to do something else.

    I found that the part about deleting old networks is a common source of confusion, and these are a couple of solutions, though it seems I would have to do it on all devices?

    I am guessing there is another way?
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    May 27, 2008
    on your mac
    system preferences -> network -> select wifi from the list on the left.

    click advanced, then on the wifi tab you will see your list of networks.
    you can remove networks, by selecting and the hitting the minus key.
    you can also set the preferred order to join networks.


    you can turn off the wireless on the time capsule. your computers will still be able connect to it
    (computer --new wireless--> MODEM --wired ethernet--> Time capsule)

    chances are your backups will be faster if you use the wireless on the time capsule. most of the time the wireless in the combo units you get from the cable company isn't that great. It's faster than your internet connection, so web pages will load at the same speed.
    but anything you do entirely on your network (like time machine backups) will see a speed improvement using the time machine wireless.

    just turn the wireless on the new modem off and put the time capsule in bridge mode.
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    May 19, 2004

    Sorry, don't want to try that. For one thing, my Japanese cable modem is new generation 140 MPS and works fine. Second, it was set by the service people and unlike Apple devices, it is totally unclear. So I will stay with the first idea. I also removed old settings from Access chain.

    So now it seems to work computers find the right cable modem and Time Capsule Ethernet backup works. Computer not connected to Internet.

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