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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by yourmn, Mar 8, 2013.

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    I spoke to somebody through the Apple Store website regarding the Mac Pro as it's no longer available in the EU. She told me that it was discontinued on the 18th February and that there are no plans for a replacement. Is this her just doing some random guessing do you think?
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    technically that statement is correct. no new plans have been announced, which is why so many people are in this limbo period right now - hanging onto aging machines, squeaking out upgrades, and "patiently" waiting.

    if you NEED a machine quickly, then look at the used/refurb market (if possible). if that's not an option, you could explore the hackintosh route. or just wait it out like many of us are currently doing...
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    The reason for the 18th Feb date was that some new EU legislation meant that some design changes were needed and Apple decided to withdraw the product in the EU for now.
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    OP : The person you spoke to was correct. The Mac Pro is discontinued in the EU. This doesn't mean there will be a new Mac Pro. From all the news here and elsewhere it would seem Apple is working on a new Mac Pro. What we don't know is whether or not it will be called Mac Pro.

    Besides a random person from Apple's online store or a reseller would not know if a new one was coming.
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    New?????? The law was passed in 2009. The law was never intended to ensnare products on the market in the short term after it was passed. It gave vendors four Fracking years to come up with fixes.

    the reason for the Feb 18th date is that was gave reasonable time to fullfill order until the March 1st deadline. The reason for Apple waiting till Januray 31st to tell folks and only give about 19 days notice was more likely to try to hide behind a fig leaf and minimize the story of this complete blunder.


    That is probably toooo precise. There are no plans to replace this exact model with an relatively minor changes to bring it into complaince with the four year old laws.

    Instead of merely adjusting for the gap, Apple is very likely going to create something new since something new is past due anyway.

    What the store person is doing is not talking directly about future Apple products which is against standard company policies to do. When and where the new one will come they don't know say they say nothing. It isn't a rumor store it is a "do you want to buy this" store.
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    P.S. Forgot. Technically that isn't true. Refurbs are available. You can't get refurbs in a Apple store though ( or apparently in some countries in EU ).

    Distributors who had inventory before the deadline can continue to sell theirs.

    Not sure if Apple's somewhat clandestine eBay outlet works on EU but that make work also.

    It is available. The supply and selection are limited and not going to find any in retail stores (at least Apple ones. )
  7. IGregory, Mar 8, 2013
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    Phil Schiller on New Mac Pro

    New Mac Pro news here. A Google search "apple new mac pro" will generate other stories.

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