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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rl., Jul 31, 2008.

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    I can't seem to figure this out. I have two e-mail accounts on my iphone; one is with Mobileme and the other is with Bell Sympatico (POP). When I receive an e-mail on my Mobileme account, I get the typical new mail alert. However, when I get a new message with my Sympatico account, it shows up as a new message, the badge changes but no noise.

    I have tried restoring the phone (setting up as a new phone, not from a backup) and adding and removing the account. I have even tried setting up the e-mail account on the phone without syncing. Anyone else having the same problem, any tips???
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    Sep 29, 2008
    no new alert

    YES, finally someone knows what I'm talking about. I have EXACTLY the same problem - and yes all the settings are correct. I use Symaptico which may be the common problem?

    You may be interested in knowing what I had discovered in my own trouble shooting (no thanks to Rogers and/or Apple tech support)....
    - it will give you the audible alert if youre iphone is set to erase from server when you erase from iphone inbox...but only if your iphone inbox is empty (void of any older emails) will it chime!

    If the iphone deletes from the bell server when I delete from the iphone inbox and it is now completly empty (my iphone inbox and the bell server) ...any new email will alert with the chime (and of course the visual indicator always worked that was not the problem). HOWEVER, the moment a second email comes in moments later - no chime alert! Plus, I hate that I have to have it delete from my server...becasue my outlook, when I launch it the same evening when I get home, will have nothing to download off the server since the iphone wiped it - not good.

    PEASE tell me you solved this problem...anyone else? Rogers and Apple tech support all haven't got a clue, I can't tell you how many times they assured me "oh, wipe it, back it up, revert from new" - for nothing! they are just guessing!

    Please help,

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