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Apr 6, 2006
Also noticed that the Moshi Luna Illuminated keyboard can't perform a Pram reset by holding the p,r,option, command keys on restart. Other than that one issue the keyboard is simply a joy to use! The key's have a better more solid tactical feedback than the standard Apple keyboard. A much better height angle at 9 degrees feels very comfortable, and totally brilliant white backlighting. The construction is really first rate. even though it is plastic, it is a very high grade thick plastic. The keyboard is actually quite a bit heavier than the Apple keyboard. I'm very pleased so far. Guess I'll have use my Apple keyboard to perform a Pram reset. No biggie really. The benefits far out weigh that. If you can live with the Pram thing, I would recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a solid illuminated keyboard. Oh, and every function key works perfectly!
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