No SD video on itouch 2G?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Supernerd, Jan 27, 2013.

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    So.... It makes sense that the iPod touch, even the ancient second generation, can play SD video... Right? If it can't play SD, what can it play? So if it can play 480p, then why can't I sync a 360p video onto aforementioned iPod? Does iTunes 11 hate us all? Or can I not sync movies not purchased from the iTunes Store? Because that's BS. Not only is it BS, it is exactly the kind of thing Apple would do.

    The movie is Pirates of the Carribean número uno (the good one)
    Error message: " The movie 'POTC' was not synced because it cannot be played on this iPod." (Also seen when syncing a 1080p movie onto a device that can only play 720p, such as my iPad 2)

    So can I sync it? If so, what's wrong and how do I fix it?
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