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Aug 8, 2013
Hi, friends!

I'm suffering some strange issues after installing Mavericks on my 2009 iMac 27". Everything seemed fine when updating it to DP5 (fresh DP1 install and then updates to DP5), but when I tried to play some iTunes music, I realized there's no sound on my computer. I've checked Sound on Control Panel, and there's no audio device detected (input nor output).

I've done the same process on my MacBook, but it's suffering the same issues: no sound device detected. I've also tried to fix HD permissions, deleted (i read it on Apple Support Page) and reset PRAM, but there's no fix to my problem.

What can I do? Is there any related bug? Anyone has the same problem?

Thanks in advance!



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Jul 31, 2006
I don't have any solutions, just wanted to note that I'm now on DP7 and still having the same issue - no sound, no sound output detected in System Preferences whether I have speakers plugged in or not.

Rob C

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Oct 15, 2012
Same issue with rMBP. And my display panel of system preference also crash.

I have exactly the same, Sound not working and also Display Panel freezes when opened.

Apart from that, I'm liking Mavericks :)
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