NO sound from my 3G

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    Help, my wife's 3G iPhone is acting up. There is absolutely no sound coming out of the speaker. The silent switch is not switched to silent so save that response. When I have the iPod function on and when I would plug in a USB cord from the computer to the phone the sound would play for a brief second when the plug is in halfway. When plugged all the way in the sound goes out again. I tried several soft restores and even restored DFU to no avail. It's definitely not software based. Any suggestions??? Does anybody have an idea what ridiculous number Apple would charge to repair it? It's out of warranty. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    your best bet is to find a local shop that does those repairs its much more cost effective
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    Check the dock connector port for dust/lint. Maybe get a blower and blow it.

    That port can be used to connect audio, which would override the speakers. It's possible some dust/lint is in there causing it to think something is plugs to the appropriate pin.

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