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    I'm going to kill 2 threads with 1 thread.

    First, does anyone have this little thing in their music app? When you click it it brings up options for "iPhone speaker" or "iPhone". Selecting iPhone will dampen the sound, sounds like when you press your fingers onto the speaker grill. Photos below.

    photo.PNG photo copy.PNG

    And since this thing has shown up, I have not been able to get any system sound. What I mean by system sound is, notification sounds, unlock sounds, etc. I know it's not the headphone jack issue because I can still get music and youtube sounds through the speaker. It doesn't vibrate either. When you switch the mute switch it will the silent icon will display but no vibrations. Now when you go to create a new vibration in the Sounds setting it'll vibrate, it just won't vribrate for new notifications or anything else
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    Don't have that on mine.
    You don't have anything hooked up via the dock connector nor the 3.5mm plug right?
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