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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by atad1234, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Jun 30, 2008
    I have my macbook 2.16 connected to my Marantz AVR via a toslink to mini toslink cable. recently It began to make occasional "bumps" in signal. then It stopped completly. I changed my cable under warrenty but It wasn't the cable. Still no sound! tried everything like connecting cable to both of the AVR digital inputs, reseting Avr, Reseting mac PRRAM, reinstalling snow leopard back to 10.6, q-tip in the mini jack, changing freq source in midi setup from 16 - 20 -24...
    Macbook recognize digital output, red light is strong and bright on the avr side of the cable, all seems good but no audio...AVR says "no data" and the tiny PCM logo dosen't show anymore since problem accurred...
    PLEASEEEEE any new Ideas? I am quite sure the problem is in the mac and not in the AVR... confused:
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    It sounds like you've tried almost everything. If you have a movie on your laptop encoded with DTS audio (or a DVD), try playing it with VLC. It has some audio output options beyond what Apple has. This will do nothing more than to troubleshoot Mac OS X's handling of the audio stream. If VLC works, then the problem is in Mac OS X's settings. If VLC doesn't work, try another receiver. Marantz is a great brand, but not infallible.

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    maybe try it with windows to check for software issues

    if that does not solve it try another source with the Receiver (DvD player i.e)

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