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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by peter1234, Jan 2, 2009.

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    I am trying to stream content from my iMac to my Apple TV wirelessly. At present it seems to only sync with no option to stream my photos.

    The Apple knowledge base article TA38571 says that I should select 'sources' from Apple TVs main menu and then select 'Connect to New iTunes' to stream. On my Apple TV (software v 2.3) I do not have the option called 'Sources'.

    Has this option changed since the KB article was published in March 08?

    Can anyone please tell me how I set up my Apple TV to stream rather than sync content.
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    You do it from the iTunes software. Click on the Apple TV in iTunes and the first Tab has an option to Manually manage the content. I forget the exact naming (I'm at work). Once you do that, you can go into each of the tabs and choose whether you want things Sync'ed.

    I think photos are the only thing I did synch along with a handful of Movies / Playlists so I didn't have to have the Mac on to access certain things.

    The "Sources" menu is in the setup and I think renamed to allow you to connect to more than one iTunes library.
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    If you go under settings - computers - add shared itunes library you will able to access content from itunes on a computer other than the one the ATV is synced to. When you go to itunes on the shared computer there will photos tab under the ATV section.
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    Mr Kram

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    note: you cannot stream photos, you can only sync them.

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