No space left on SSD after upgrading to MBA, advice needed

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by RedTomato, Apr 29, 2015.

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    I've recently upgraded to a MBA with 128gb SSD (I was offered a very good price) and while I love it, I'm facing a conundrum with respect to storage.

    My old system:

    An old whitebook laptop with 500GB drive, which was enough to keep:

    - backups of my iphone (32GB)
    - my email folders (10 years worth, approx 50GB)
    - my iphoto library (approx 100gb)
    - another 100GB of various self-made movies and associated files.

    That left 150-odd GB free for working with.

    All this was regularly backed up to my 1TB Time Capsule, which was itself backed up to an external HDD every few months. I'm a believer in having three copies of data in two different places.

    Now this has all changed.

    My new Macbook Air is the best computer I've ever owned, but I'm struggling with its 128gb SDD. I can't put all my email files on it, I can't put my iPhoto files on it, I can't put my iPhone backups on it. I'm running out of space to edit movie clips. I can't transfer photos from my iPhone.

    Adding extra pressure is the fact that I've just purchased a 1TB Dropbox account for my workteam to share our files. That 1TB is 8 times bigger than my MBA's SSD. At the moment, we only use a few GB, but that is going to go up.

    Can you help me work out a sane way of storing and accessing my photos, emails, movies, idevice backups etc?

    I want to avoid having bits of data scattered over various external HDDs, and I want to get all the old files off the old Whitebook so that I don't have to juggle laptops when I want to access something.
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    Since you did an "upgrade" download and use tiger free application EtreCheck and run it. It will search & print out a report summary of all the apps and services and will also show unloaded and/or incompatible services that will show you the path to manually delete this files if you highlight the incompatible line. Then reboot after all those deletions, this will clear the files from the startup commands.

    Plus clear your Internet Cache with a program like Yasu and run all the cleaning routines and let the program reboot your Mac. This will clean all these caches.

    Also consider moving your large iTunes Libary off that small SSD. The steps have changed in since 10.9.x in iTunes moving. This video with show you the new way to move and iTunes Library even though he is using an external NAS (Synology Ds415Play).


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