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    I bought and configured a new MacBook Pro a couple of months back, and after doing so, I noticed that it wasn't pushing Notes to iCloud. After finally really looking into the problem yesterday, I'm finding that none of my devices (iPad and iPhone 7) are pushing Notes to iCloud. All are configured to use iCloud for Notes with all using "push" instead of "fetch" in the preferences. If I modify a Note in, it will filter out to all of my devices. The main problem seems to be when I modify a Note on any device, it doesn't move the change to iCloud or any other device. I have not noticed any problems in Contacts, Calendars, etc., just Notes.

    Would anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
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    On your MacBook Pro are your notes showing in the iCloud section or on-my-mac section? (see att). If you are creating them in the on-my-mac section they won't upload to iCloud of course. This wouldn't explain why notes created on your iPad and iPhone are not uploading either, since they don't have an equivalent to on-my-mac.

    Have you tried unchecking Notes in the iCloud Sys Pref or iCloud Settings on your devices, then rechecking. Maybe reboot device between unchecking and rechecking.

    Next step would be complete sign out from iCloud and back in on devices. This involves deleting all iCloud data from your devices and re-downloading so can take some time.

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