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    Hi all, I am having a bit of difficulty with my wife's iPhone. We are in Hawaii (funeral, not vacation) and I have roaming on my phone so we are using it but my wife's phone with bell Canada does not. Problem is I am trying to turn of voice roaming cause she is still getting text messages and we don't want to pay through the nose for it ; however, her phone does not have a voice roaming toggle. Ios8.1.2, iPhone 5,
    Under cellular there is only data roaming no voice and no option under carrier either

    Any ideas?
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    There's no such option to turn off voice or texts roaming.
    Put it on airplane mode and just turn on wifi to avoid charges and to just use it as an iPod touch.
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    That's correct; you can turn off data roaming because it's easy to accidentally use data. Accidentally making a call or sending a text is somewhat trickier :)

    As noted, you can use flight mode to turn off the radio completely.
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