No way around DSL land line?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by carlgo, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. carlgo macrumors 68000

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    I don't mind paying for the AT&T cell plan when my refurb arrives, but don't want to also pay for a land line just to get DSL for my laptop.

    Any clever ideas? The AT&T store and my IP both say you have to have both, but I thought I'd ask the audience. My landline acct is also AT&T.
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    You can't tether to the iPhone. You wouldn't either, since EDGE is too slow for normal access. You might try a 3G/Laptop Connect card, but that may be far too expensive compared to your DSL.

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    You have to have a landline in order to get DSL.

    High speed cable internet is an alternative but it may cost more than DSL.

    You can also get a broadband card for your computer that is almost comparable to DSL and is 3G. Sprint offers some good choices and you get true unlimited bandwidth for $59 with two year contract. Works in most major cities. With this card plugged in, you can share it's connection via airport with your iPhone.

    Satellite is another option but it's speed can be cut by how many people are using the service especially during peak times. I never chose this option because the speeds offered aren't very impressive.

    I ended up staying with DSL because it is the most reliable. Previously when I had cable internet, it would go down 1-2 times a week usually about 10PM or so.
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    this wikipedia article: says that at&t makes "naked" dsl available throughout most of the country. It might be worth calling them to find out if theey offer it in your area. Their website tries really hard to hide low cost items like that. I just got a phone line installed with them, and it took a bit to find, but I got a measured rate local only line for $5.70 a month. So if you had to get a phone line to with the dsl, that's the one to get.
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    This isn't necessarily true anymore, depending on where you live. I have Verizon DSL and got rid of my landline last year.
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    DSL = Digital Subscriber Line. DSL needs a phone line at your home to come in over. That phone line does not have to be used for Voice calls but that is how your phone company brings DSL into your home. If you order DSL and you have no phone line at your home currently AT&T will probably charge you a little more then the 20 a month for DSL, the total might be around 25 to 35 a month for the DSL. If you want internet with no home lines then your option is CABLE or Wireless Internet from AT&T Wireless or Verizon Wireless, the later is much more expensive.

    Hope this helps
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