No way to downgrade BB right?

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    So I just needed to be certain here about restoring/BB. I originally had 4.0.1 with BB 1.59. I updated to 4.1 while keeping the BB. 4.1 JB essentially crashed on itself and, long story short, I had to restore using 4.2.1. Tried to restore back to 4.1 but ran into issues and user error which is why I'm on 4.2.1 now. As I'm now on 4.2.1, the BB is at 3.10 (I think that's it) and running stock.

    I've been reading about restoring custom IPSW's and such but I was under the assumption that once the BB is updated, there is no way to revert back correct? Been reading some conflicting info about this so if reverting the BB is impossible then I won't waste any time trying to do this.

    Assuming the above to be correct then I'll just divert my efforts to getting my JB back and not worrying about the unlock as well.

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    A custom firmware can either keep your current baseband or update it. It can not downgrade the baseaband.
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