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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by ghanwani, Nov 22, 2015.

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    First some background.

    I only use headphones when flying. I'm not much of a music aficionado.

    I had the QC20i for a while and enjoyed them, but I started having some problems with swimmer's ear and decided to stop using in-the-ear headphones. I sold them a little while ago.

    I was thinking of getting the QC25 and almost all its reviews were great. However, when I tried them in the store I found that it creates a weird sort of ear pressure that caused me pain just listening to them in the store. I tried several others at the store and nothing seemed right. There were a couple that I was unable to try - B&W and Beats.

    If you feel the same way about the QC25, were you able to find something that worked for you?

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    Most noise cancelling phones do that. I have a set of PSB headphones and only use the noise cancelling feature on a plane. The amplified non noise cancelling setting sounds great
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    The best are by far the sennheiser CXC700….
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    My first pair of nc headphones were JVC's about $100. On ear. For flying, they work great. So much so that I bought them for the wife and kids. Later, I bought QC15's, which I also like, but I notice the strange pressure, though not so much that I won't wear them. This was not an issue with the JVCs. IMHO, the JVCs have an inferior nc system, and sound quality than the Bose. But they cost 2/3 less. But they do pretty well at was air travel. You put them on, and it take about a 3-count before it knows what to do, and then the cabin noise all but disappears. The Bose seems to have more adaptive circuitry, and responds to "noise" faster. For air travel, this is really not a big deal - cabin noise is very consistent.
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    They ARE quite expensive, ($310) but the fact u used Beats before tells me u might look into the more expensive brands as long as they are worthy.

    V-moda M-100 is what I can recommend.
    I haven't used them with music producing, but I've used it's predecessor for 2 years listening music pretty much every day. The experience was so good I decided to buy the newer model straight up after release.

    The sound is beautiful, high to low sounds perfect. Bass is fine at lower volumes but kicks in more the higher volume u go.

    It's an over-ear, noise cancelling couldn't be better.(you can somewhat hear what people say when the volume is at like 10%. Go higher and you'll feel like you're all by yourself.)

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