Noise canceling or isolating headphones

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by tim100, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I have b&w p5. I need something to block more sound out. I tried Bose qc15 and didn't like the heat and pressure. How are the b&w c5? Any suggestions?
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    Well, you're comparing two different things. Bose QC15s are over ear (with noise cancelling circuitry), whereas the B&W C5s are in-ear (noise isolation).

    Personally, I've never been a fan of noise-cancelling headphones because most of them compromise the actual sound quality too much. But the QC15s are supposed to be pretty good in this regard (minimal impact).

    In-ear headphones have almost complete isolation by nature and because they're pressure-fitted in your ear canal, they tend to have very tight and controlled dynamics. I've never heard the C5, but I'd also look into the VSONIC GR07 at that price range. I have a pair and they're quite good.
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    May 25, 2009
    Thanks for your response. I didn't like the Bose too much heat. I am wondering if an in ear like c5 will block out more noise than my p5. Are there another over ear that you would suggest?
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    Sennheiser and Sony make some decent noise cancelling headphones.

    For in ears, the Monster Turbines gold or copper series are excellent sounding and offer extremely good noise isolation. So much so that I have to be careful of how I use them! Like most monster products, they are typically overpriced, but you can find some great sales on them if you keep an eye out. And they really do sound great. There are many in ears that offer good noise isolation though.

    The Shure 850's are great over ears that provide great passive sound isolation, but they are pretty big and bulky. Good for studio or home use, but I wouldn't walk around town with them.

    Are you looking for headphones for home use, or travel, or what?
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    Noise Isolation

    I usually think of things in terms of dB of noise reduction. The best set of earplugs gives you a about -25-30dB noise reduction. You can throw muffs on top of that for another 25db (if you use active muffs). See for a commercial offering quite a bit of noise reduction.

    Now, obviously, really loud sounds directly vibrate your inner ear via your skull (see for the physiology of this and neither noise canceling nor isolation is likely to be very effective.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a great way to run earphones under muffs...

    But, back to the question, if you look at Ultimate Ears, for example, they will state how many db of isolation their custom, in ear monitors offer.

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    I'm a fan of over the ear headphones rather then stick on your ear or the in ear buds. Personally I went with the QC15's and I'm rediscovering my music with em. If I had to complain about the headphones so far its that it makes everything 'too quiet' in some ways. I cant hear people talking to me for example and barely the engine of a trimmer or lawn mower at my job.

    I've bought these headphones for an up coming trip to Europe next month and with 11 hours in front of me, I'll be enjoying every moment.
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    Aug 16, 2010

    I bought some Ultimate Ears custom In Ear Monitors a few years back. I'd definitely get something like this again if I needed to. Sound isolation is good. Comfort excellent. And sound quality very good. Jerry Harvey then Ultimate Ears would be my first looks now.

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