Noise Level of Macs


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Jul 17, 2005
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I tried to do a search on this topic but was unable to find anything. I hear alot of people complaining about mooing and other noises from the 2 new laptops. I was wondering how loud this actually is in comparision to say my emac which is noticiably loud all the time. My emac pretty much sounds like a portable fan and I do not mind the noise one bit.

Does anyone have any experience with an emac and macbook and how loud they are in comparision to each other?


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Oct 16, 2003
I've heard the whine, the moo, the brightness buzz and an eMac, and the eMac fan noise is much louder than any of the others. The moo is low but noticable because the change in sound level is significant. I found it cute, but I don't get after that firmware update anymore. The whine is low but has an annoying frequency. I only get that when I unplug the power cord. The brightness buzz is also low and annoying but sounds different from the whine. It varies with screen brightness setting and goes away at full brightness.