Nokia 830 or iPhone 5C from AT&T

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    Am going to be getting a new phone but can't make up my mind on what I want the two phones that I have in mind are the Nokia 830 wish is 449 or the iphone 5C wish is all so $449 so wish phone would be the better one for that price ?
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    I replaced my iPhone 5 (being on iPhone for 6 years) by the Lumia 830 and I am very happy with it. Screen size, brightness and details are very good, better than the iPhone 5. I also prefer the phone design too. You can put an SD card in to increase storage. Also, battery life is much much better being able to last an easy 2 days when I was not even getting 1 full day with the iPhone 5. Camera on the 830 is much better too.

    The OS itself is excellent, very stable. His Achilles heel is Internet Explorer being far to be as good as Safari. As far as apps and the store, your mileage may vary depending if you are an heavy apps user or not. I only miss 1 app but I am not an heavy apps user. The phone comes loaded with a good selection of apps (MSN apps suite, Office, Here Drive GPS, Here maps, etc). All in all, it is very good.

    Oh and BTW, the 830 is wireless charging ready. Only have to buy a Qi charging plate and you can charge wirelessly. It is on Macrumors front page that wireless charging will be hot in 2015 and Apple will probably try to make people believe they invented it with iPhone 6S or 7 ��
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    Nokia 830 or iPhone 5C from AT&T

    If you want lots of third party app content and support from very localised app content - iOS still wins regardless of merits of hardware and WIndows Mobile OS.

    I would say at $449 - I would have thought you could buy a better device outright than either the 5c or 830 if you shopped around or maybe bought near new from swappa or such.
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    thanks every one how is the iphone 5C with the A6 chip now days in 2015? is it still a good buy? with some in that has a A6 chip in 2015 ? all so am not really a hvy app user am a vary light app user

    the Nokia 830 may be winning here the widow phones has the best LTE in this area when i was up the hill i got vary good LTE with my window phone but when it comes too android i get little to no LTE i got a moto G 2014 at this time but i noted i do not get vary good 3G up the hill when i had my nokia 635 wish i dont have any more i had a full bar of LTE when i was up the hill at one of are jobs that we do up there

    am going too get the nokia 830 this will replace my moto G 2014 good phone but the lack of LTE and stuff will keep the moto G has a back up phone and the nokia 830 has my main phone
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    Unless you only use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc. then I would avoid the 830. It's a great phone by itself and if you aren't a heavy app user. The problem is $450 for a snapdragon 400 phone is too much no matter how well it performs with WP.

    The iPhone 5C is a good phone albeit slightly old at this point. Obviously apps aren't a problem and performance is still adequate. Still in my opinion $450 is too much.

    For $50 more there is the Moto X.

    There's also the Sony Xperia Z2 for $415 on Amazon which puts the 830 and 5C to shame. S801, 20.7MP , 1080p etc.

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