Nokia 8800 with Mac, DO or DON'T ?


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Jul 19, 2005
I want to buy a great looking nokia 8800

But since i love Apple OSX and my PowerBook, it must work somehow with OSX.

I have heard a lot of people saying nokia has issues with OSX and maybe wont work.

Dont see it on the iSync support list either, not good sign.

Anybody experience with the 8800 yet ?
I dont want to hear, oh yeah bluetooth and go. Really want to know for sure.


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Jul 27, 2005
I own an Apple powerbook and the Nokia 8800.

The phone does not work with iSync, so you can not automatically sync contacts, calendar items or notes, etc.

You can connect to it via bluetooth quite easily via the Bluetooth File Exchange program. You can access the memory card and transfer files to and from without problems. You can also transfer vcards from your Address Book to the phone via bluetooth (but only one at a time).

I haven't tried using the bluetooth connection to connect to the phone and get online yet. I had tried this with my older 6230 without issue, and that phone was also not supported by iSync.

From what I understand it is unlikely Apple will support series40 (which the Nokia 8800 is) phones via iSync.