Nokia Lumia 900


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Oct 4, 2011
So, I know this new Nokia Lumia 920 is coming out soon with Windows 8, and I know the older phones won't be able to upgrade, but I don't feel safe buying it because

A) New tech always brings issues
B) Moving out on my own, and need to save up

I have been a iphone user for a while, and I have no problems with apple or anything, I just want to try something different.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is INCREDIBLY sexy, I love the cyan color. I've always been a big fan of the Windows Phone U.I

I have an ipad and macbook, so I wouldn't be lacking any apps, all the apps I use on my iphone I could probably still get on the Lumia.

Does anybody have experience with this type of phone model?


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Mar 24, 2012
I have a cyan lumia 900. I love it. The phone is beautiful. Its works great as a phone. Battery life is great, screen is nice, call quality is phenomenal. If you like the phone and have an iPad to quench your iOS app quality thirst. I say go for it. However I would sooner you get a WP8 device like the L820/920 but as your on a budget the L900 is a great introduction to WP. I got mine on ebay used for $180 shipped.


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Oct 3, 2007
IMHO any software/ hardware bugs that come with the new Lumia 920 would be WELL worth the hassle vs getting the old 900.

Just to name a few advantages: better screen, wireless charging, better battery, WINDOWS 8 support, sensitive screen tech, MUCH better camera.

And the price will be $150 on contract which is cheaper than most high end phones.
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