Nokia real-life antenna problem, Jobs rant

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by brayhite, Jul 21, 2010.

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    I found it interesting that people found Jobs' "blame-shifting" of the antenna problems to other competitors very odd. His whole point was that, while the iPhone 4 may have a design flaw in the sense that it's very easy to attenuate the signal, all phones no matter the "design flaw" suffer from this to some sort of degree.

    I made this video with a co-worker who owns the phone being shown. This is a "dumb"phone with no external antenna. Yet it is very easy to make it drop 3-4 bars.

    So whether you like or dislike Apple, wanting them to admit to a "design flaw" is like asking quite absurd, considering their statements of improved signal in places with none at all.

    NOTE: Yes, I'm aware that people who have perfect service with their 3GS have no service or very little with the iPhone 4 in the same spot. But there are a number of factors; none of which I can name since I'm no expert, just experimenting; that affect that. Overall, it seems like between Apple's tests, their new bar display formula, and the support of owners who claim to receive much better reception in places with little or none before, the antenna design is great as long as the "spot" isn't covered or touched.

    Anyway, just watch the video.
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    I love all these iPhone fan-boys-turned-RF-engineers.

    Dude, let it go. Apple lost this round and they lost big time.

    If you're happy with your phone, then its probably best to leave it at that.

    A lot of people who know way more about RF communication than you (including Apple themselves) have already concluded/admitted that there's an issue with the phone.
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    Not sure what's making you say the RF engineer comment. I stated that I'm just experimenting. This ("this" being the video) is more in response to Nokia's statement on their blog, not to defend Apple.

    Perhaps it should be moved to the MacRumors news post about Nokia and RIM rather than here. My mistake.
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    Yeah me too.

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