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Sep 8, 2010
Dol Amroth
Recently while shopping at a local Apple brick & mortar store for a Thunderbolt hub, the sales rep shared with me that because of my employer I was entitled to a discount. It wasn’t huge - 10% on accessories, 3% - 5% on phones and computers.

I mentioned this to a coworker and she suggested I submit it to our HR department to be included in a list of official discounts. I went ahead and did so, but the response I got was a bit strange.

HR wanted more information, specifically how much off for each type of item (accessory, phone, etc.), a contact at Apple that our employees could reach out to if they had questions, as well as which ‘locations’ the discount was available. (The last one was rather unclear to me; I’m not sure if they meant physical Apple stores or what websites the discount was available on.)

So it’s all rather odd. I’m not sure if I should jump through all these hoops, keep it to myself, or just spread the discount via word of mouth. Does anyone know if Apple has an official liaison for corporate discounts?
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