Non Apple RAM/SSD and AppleCare

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by BlueBubba, Aug 14, 2012.

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    OK so I'm buying a 'new' 2010, overpriced, 12 core Mac Pro with the latest 2 year old Westmere CPU's (sorry couldn't resist, I'm very bitter), unfortunately I have no choice, I desperately need a speed bump and I've looked into every alternative, even Windows. I've never been so unenthusiastic about dropping £4K, but apparently I do get a free iPhallusPro to adhere to my forehead.

    Anyway, I plan on upgrading it with some Crucial RAM and a SSD. My question is will this void my AppleCare, if anything were to go wrong with this system and I had to take it to Apple would I have to reinstate the Apple RAM and remove the non Apple SSD, so it is same as sold? Ideally I would like to get some money back on the Apple RAM (although there will be a huge difference between the price I pay Apple and the resale price I can get for it, on the same day!), but need to know whether it would be best to hold onto it for AppleCare?


    One other thing:

    Apple shop 12 Core, RAM = 12GB
    Refurbished 12 Core. RAM = 6GB

    Surely this means, a 12 Core in the Apple shop could be sold with 6GB of RAM, without problem? I'm probably going to end up getting a refurb, for the faster CPU's of couse, but also because I don't want to pay for additional Apple memory that I'm not going to use, I know its not much, but 6GB less is about £200 saving = 16GB Crucial Kit.

    Crucial 4GB = £32
    Apple 4GB = £120 (You've got to be kidding!)

    Apple go to every length they can, to squeeze every penny out of you.
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    I have taken my Macbook pro in with a faulty DVD drive and they never complained about non-apple installed RAM. It is meant to be a user replaceable bit after all. I guess the only issue will be if you take the Mac in and they find out the RAM is faulty.
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    No, hard drives and memory are user upgradable. If you are concerned, keep the original memory around for when you have to take it in (plus if there is ever a problem you can drop it back to original to make sure it wasn't your upgraded parts that have gone awry). Either way, you can pull the Apple RAM and sell it if you really want to, you won't have to pull it when you take it in.

    When the spec bump occurred earlier this year, all memory in all models in the stores were doubled (went from 1GB sticks to 2GB sticks). You can not buy a new Mac Pro 12 core with only 6GB (unless you find a "2010" model left over at an apple reseller). From Apple, you can only get refurbs with 6GB (for the 12 core model, obviously the single core comes with 6GB). The bump in memory was basically for "free". In fact there have been a few examples where the refurbs were actually more expensive (or at least equal) than their new counter parts after the spec bump.

    All OEM's sell memory, hard drives, CPU upgrades at grossly inflated prices. It isn't just Apple, but Dell and HP. Buying the minimum amount of RAM and upgrading yourself is true for Apples and PC's alike. Don't believe me, then go check out some competitors. I've always believed that your best value is to always buy a base model and upgrade yourself (maybe not CPU's, but RAM and Hard drives definitely).
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    Thanks for your responses, very helpful.

    So now they're only 4x the price of aftermarket, rather than 8x, sweet!

    Yes, but other OEM's sell the latest technology at inflated prices.
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    No you are allowed to upgrade he memerory and the Harddrive space. There 3 empty slots in the computer for harddrives and depending on the maount of RAM you get you will have some empty slots. But if anything goess wrong with the HDs or Ram Apple won't replace the Harddrives or the Ram but they will replace everything else. So if something breaks, take your stuff out you upgrade or your won't get it back.
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