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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ldkaplan, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Not sure where ot post this question.

    So many people complain about AT&T and dropped calls, but it's typically in reference to the iPhone.

    Do non-iPhone receivers have the same issue?
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    TBH, it really depends on the area you live in. Certain places with high smartphone density have more problems because heavy data and voice usage wreaks havoc on the network.

    The really frustrating part is that in most of these places, reception is technically at "maximum" right until you get to the point in the call when there's something crucial to say. ;) :p

    However, ATT has been pretty good about trying to put up new towers in Northern California (SF had one of the worst issues with dropped calls because there are so many iPhones in such a small geographic region), and if you call them they will tell you why call quality is poor (assuming there are such issues).

    I honestly have no idea what Georgia is like, but you do have 30 days to test drive a phone (and carrier) so give it a shot. I've learned from personal experience that ATT, while incredibly inept in some ways, does do a pretty good job of trying to keep its customers happy, so consider that too. :)

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