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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by alphaod, Dec 2, 2013.

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    So during the last repair, the tech broke two parts on my motherboard and a piece of of my top case. I'm sure it was an accident and in the interest of having a working computer I just wanted it repaired (glue and tape is what I said they should use)

    However they said they could not repair in such a manner, it was possible in the future my warranty would be void because of physical damage to the computer, so the Genius along with her manager has put in a request for a replacement computer.

    That sounds great because in the past the approval was basically immediate and I'd had my replacement unit practically the next morning.

    Issue is I'm not in the US any longer, and I've been told it takes up to a month to get the approval and replacement computer. Don't know about you guys, but that seems like an awful long time to wait without a proper computer. The process is they have to mail the computer back to the US for approval.

    Anyone have this experience know their turnaround?

    In the meantime they gave me a loaner computer to use which is okay, but the computer is pretty slow (only 4GB of RAM, and traditional 5400RPM HDD); it's slower than my 11" MacBook Air.
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    Well since nobody answered my question… in case anyone else has any expectations. I followed as closely as possible to get updates being I wasn't sure they were serious about the estimated time frame.

    It indeed took about a month.

    Unlike the US (where the store manager can approve an exchange), they have to contact their regional HQ here in Asia. The APAC office is located in Singapore.

    First the store has to set up a support request, and get manager approval that the computer indeed needs replacement; then your request is submitted to Apple to be evaluated. This can take one to two weeks depending on holidays and such; in my case it took about two weeks due to the holiday season.

    Then your computer replacement is approved, and the store has to ship your computer to Singapore; there is no cross shipping. You would assume Apple would trust their own stores not to skimp on the return shipment, but nonetheless they don't ship the replacement until they receive the broken computer first. This can take up to a week.

    Then they try to match your computer configuration to the latest models. In my case being the maxed out 2012 model they offered me the maxed out 2013 model with the dGPU. I did not know this in advance as they did not tell me that this was what they were sending me; simply that's what I got and I was to accept whatever better judgement their office in Singapore decided. They didn't even call me about this. Instead of picking stock from in-store inventory, your replacement computer is shipped to the store. This takes another week.

    I got a call last week while I was traveling to pick up my computer (while I was in Cupertino of all places); so it took 35 days.

    It does take as long as they say. Luckily I have JV, so I was able to get a loaner machine; however other folks have to do without a computer for over a month! I find this totally unacceptable, but your mileage may vary.

    The computer however is excellent in every way; I see no issues whatsoever, and it's very fast.

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