noob lens question (d70 masters, I need you!)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by joeswinehart, Jun 26, 2005.

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    Greetings picture people...
    I have some very basic questions about lenses, if one of you who is into photography could help, I would be obliged. My wife teaches yearbook and is making the move to digital. Has a stable of Olympus c-4000s for the kids to use, but just bit the bullet on a dslr. After a lot of research and macrumors browsing, I ordered her a d70 kit (yes, I know the d70s exists. public school budget prefers the d70).
    Anyhow...came with the nice kit lens (18-70), we've taken some good shots with that. The previous yearbook teacher had a few slr nikons and lenses, and I am wondering what they do. We aren't slr experts, but we need to learn. I brought home a 50mm lens and a 28-105mm lens with a uv protector on it.

    We are about to take a trip to Europe, and I figure that would be a good time to get to know this camera. Should I stick with the kit lens or bring one of the others? If I stick with the kit, do I want to swap the uv protector out of the 28-105 and put it on the 18-70?

    Mostly outdoor shots, big ben, eiffel tower, gondolas, you know the stuff...

    Any advice would be appreciated. I teach as well, so I am not a total dope, but I don't know much about lenses. I look at the 50mm lens and wonder "why would anyone want to be stuck at 50mm when these other lenses range from 28-105?"
    Do I lose auto-focus abilities with these others?

    Thanks guys (& gals) in advance-
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    Lenses are those telescope like things that go on the front of the camera. :D Sorry. :eek:

    I'd bring one of the others as well as the kit lens.

    Those are both 62mm sized mounts on the lenses right? If you leave the 28-105 at home, yes - swap out! That way, if you bang the glass for whatever reason - the filter takes the hit - not the lens.

    But if you bring both, just buy another filter... they're relatively cheap.

    Hmm... depending on what outdoor shots you want, the 18-70 might be a bit short. It'll be great for doing the big close things, but if there is something in the distance, the 28-105 might be a good choice.

    Prime lenses (fixed mm) are sharper than zoom lenses. Also, it is possible, for the most part, to get a lower f-stop (enabling you to get a better shutter speed in low light, etc.)

    It depends on the model. The 50mm, for instance, came in many models. I assume that the 50mm you mentioned is the Nikkor 50mm f1.8 or f2.0 or f1.4; this (wonderful, by the way) lens has been in production many years. I've got two and neither have AF. You can tell by looking to see if it has the contacts on the rear of the lens or by reading whatever writing is on the lens. If it has them, and is a Nikon mount, it'll work!

    If memory serves me, the D70 (great camera overall) has a painfully small viewfinder, so MF lenses might be hard to focus depending on ones eyesight.

    So, all things considered, I'd take the kit lens and the 28-105mm if you've got room.

    Sorry for all errors in spelling and grammar - tis after the midnight hour here.

  3. joeswinehart thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 19, 2002
    central oregon usa
    thanks a bunch!

    Ah, the wisdom of the ancients shines through in this post. I must continue!

    Really, thanks for the info. I think I can manage to carry the kit and the 28-105, and when I am in town today I will pick up another UV filter. Do those do much for your pictures, or is it largely to protect the lens (those telescope things at the front, you know)?
    The kit will be nice for the auto-focus, but I imagine that some mountain goat in the Alps will beg to be taken with the bigger lens. Who knows?
    Anyhow, thanks for clearing things up a bit. If things go well maybe I will have a picture or two to post upon our return...
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  5. Moxiemike macrumors 68020


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    18-70 is a great lens, giving you an equivalent 28-105 on your d70. The 28-105 will give an equivalent of 42-157ish on the D70. The 50 is a fast lens which would be great for doing interiors in Europe, say a church, where you need a fast aperture to get a good shutter speed to freeze motion, i.e., you're in a church and they don't allow tripods. So you toss onthe 50, put it at 1.8 or 2.0 or whatever, crank the ISO on the camera to 800 or 1600 and shoot.

    Don't worry about filters, but do (in the case of the zooms) worry about the lens shades. Those are indispensible.

    So basically, you're covered from wide (17mm) to moderate tele (105)

    You might want to look into grabbing a 70-300 or nikon's new 55-200 which would give you a good telephoto starter lens.


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