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  1. Frankie!, Oct 5, 2014
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    Oct 5, 2014
    Hey all! Just have a few questions about Apple/Macs in general, hoping for some feedback.

    1. I recently purchased a late 2012 Macbook Pro, i5 2.5ghz processor, retina display, HD4000 video, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD. It also has a year and a half left of Applecare+ which is nice. I paid $750 - did I overpay?

    2. I really enjoy the simplicity of the Mac OS mixed with the functionality. What are some neat tweaks, settings, or even applications you like to use on your desktop/laptop?

    3. I am currently on Lion and plan on updating to Mavericks tomorrow - thoughts? Should I try out the Yosemite beta? What are the major differences between Yosemite and previous versions?

    Thanks for all of the noob questions - sorry if any of this is even repetitive. Looking forward to getting started on my Macbook :cool: :apple:
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    1. IMHO No, depending on the state of the MBP.

    2. Audio Hijack Pro
    Carbon Copy Cloner

    3. Since you are upgrading and not going a fresh install use the little free program EtreCheck and run after the upgrade. It will show in red what is not compatible and then you can manually delete those pesky noncompatible services. This will help the Mac stay lean and clean.

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