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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by carfac, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Feb 18, 2006

    I have an existing Windows XP Network, wireless through a ActionTec router. I have one computer will all my media files on it (Music .wavs and dvd's ripped to HD), and that streams all my media all over the house.

    So I get an iMac home and try streaming my wav's to that. First off, VERY little problems getting the mac on the WIN net- it's there and running. Just not well.

    Basically, the WAV files will play for 5-10 seconds, then pause for a second, then pick up again for 5-10 seconds... etc.

    AVI files are even worse!

    MP3s can play for a minute or so, but then they will pause, too.

    This is playing through iTunes.

    As a test, I played the same song on my Laptop, a wireless computer and the iMac, all at the same time. ONLY the mac broke up (and badly!)- the rest played the WAV file fine (Not, it was NOT streamed, all three played the source file independently).

    Any ideas how to get this running well? AppleCare has gone through a lot, but no solution.

    Apple Store "genius's" solution is to move it all over to an Apple network- sorry, ain't gonna happen.

    I have tried plugging the iMac right into the rougher- it's better, but not perfect...

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    That won't help. Is the network 802.11G though? If it's 802.11B, then upgrading to a newer 802.11G router may help because this standard is so much faster. Although Apple's offerings are obviously 802.11G, there are many cheaper alternatives.

    Up until this point, I thought this was merely an Intel Mac wireless reception issue. However, the fact that hardwiring the Mac still doesn't play nicely is a worry.

    How exactly are you streaming? You mention iTunes, are you using iTunes' Shared Playlist feature? Maybe navigate to one of the files on the PC and try playing it on your Mac through QuickTime instead of iTunes, just to see whether this is a network issue or an iTunes one (I'm guessing it'll be segmented too). :)

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