Noobie iTunes ?


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Feb 27, 2007
Last September I took the plunge and switched from an old unstable Windows box to a brand spankin' new Mac Pro. In the process, I moved gigs and gigs of old music files. I was actually very methodical in my cateloging on my old machine creating folders like "My Music A-D" and then subfolders under that for each artist and then a subfolder under the artist for each album with the songs in that. When I moved these folders to the Mac, I put them into the Music area so now when I open that up in finder I see iTunes, GarageBand and my assortment of folders. When I started using iTunes I think it searched the system for my music and imported them into the iTunes folder.

My question is, do I now have duplicate of all my music living in the iTunes folder and also in my old folder structure? If so, can I free up the more than 80Gigs of space my old folders are taking up by deleting them?


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Jul 17, 2007
If you imported all your music into itunes, then the music will reside in
yourfolder/music/itunes/itune music/your albums. The itune music files will have a .m4a extension.
You could buy yourself and external HDD and move all your originals there
for a back up.


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Jan 3, 2006
When you right-click (or control click) on your iTunes folder, how big is it? That will tell you whether you have duplicate copies right away.

If the box that says "Copy files when added to library" option in iTunes Preferences -> Advanced is checked, iTunes will make duplicate copies. If you uncheck that box, then you can keep your folder organization and still get to use iTunes.


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Jul 1, 2007
Alexandria, VA
You can check inside your iTunes folder in the Music folder and see if all your files are there again. If Music/iTunes/iTunes Music is empty then you're fine, if it's full of artist folders then you have two of each file. You can fix it by clearing out your library in iTunes and deleting everything out of the iTunes Music folder, changing the Preferences so that it doesn't copy files to itunes folder when you add songs to itunes, and then reimport them. Unchecking that box makes sure you don't get duplicates.


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Mar 16, 2007
Music track markers?

I have a bunch of long spoken-word tracks in iTunes 7.3.2
Is there a way to place a marker on a track, then switch over to one of the radio stations and, later, return to the same place in the track?