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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by zephonic, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Ever since I moved house last year, my 4,1 quad is consistently running at higher temps than before.

    At the old house, iStat would show it idling at 39C (102F), and even under load, it wouldn't go much beyond 50C, maybe 55C on a hot SoCal summer day.

    At the new house, it idles at around 49C (120F), and can go beyond 60C when working hard.

    Ambient temps aren't much different, if anything, I'd say the new house is slightly cooler (we live less than a mile away from the old place, but at higher elevation).

    Is ~50C at idling still within normal operating temp range? How about 60+ under load? And finally, if bringing temps down is desirable/necessary, how can it be achieved?

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    50C to 60C seems fine.

    If you want to try and make it run a bit cooler, there are a few things you can try:

    1. Clean out the Mac Pro's internals particularly the fans and heatsinks of any dust that may have built up over the years.
    2. Re-apply the thermal compound on the CPU.
    3. Use an app such as SMC Fan Control to adjust fan speeds.
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    Wow that's hot. But here in North Europe we are so cold all the time that mine is normally idle at 38-39 and 47-48 under strong load. In Windows it runs a 2-3 degrees hotter.
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    Thanks for that positive reinforcement. It's still slightly disconcerting to see temps go up to ~65 Celsius under moderate loads, though.

    iStats can control fan speeds, but would running the fans faster shorten their lifespan?
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    Of course it will, but unless you go for some crazy speed, extra 100-200 RPM should not cause the fan's life significantly shorter. And the fan should have no problem to serve the Mac Pro for it's whole life cycle.

    If the temperature suddenly go up for 10C (assume nothing to block the airflow in your new place), and you sure the temperature reading is comparable (e.g. not cool boot temperature vs long idle). May be some dust covered on the heatsink when your moving house. You may try to blow the dust away and check the temperature again.

    Anyway, 65C is nothing to worry about.

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