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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Ferc Kast, Mar 25, 2016.

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    I currently have an iPad Air 2, and have been considering to upgrade to 12.9" iPad Pro eventually because it'd have more real estate to work with for Coda, as well as movie-watching. But, seeing one in portrait mode at a Staples made me second guess myself this afternoon because it looked huge to me. Having a 15" laptop too, I thought the 12.9" Pro would look relatively smaller to me. The 9.7" Pro is appealing to me also for its improved cameras and flash. (Yes, I am *that* guy. :p)

    I have three main questions to ask for an opinion: 1) Would my reaction have been the same if it had been landscape view instead? 2) For owners of the 12.9" iPad Pro, how long did it take you to adjust to the size? 3) If you haven't adjusted yet, are you looking at the 9.7" Pro instead now?
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    You are asking strangers what YOUR reaction would be? I just don't know.

    7 seconds. Maybe 8.

    I adjusted. Still looking at the 9.7' Pro now.
  3. yegon, Mar 25, 2016
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    I'm repeating what I said in another thread, sorry folks, but it's applicable here.

    Had 12.9" for a short while before returning it. It was only after a few days that it really hit me why I much prefer 9.7". I use iPad primarily in portrait, like a big book, with the obvious exception of video and the occasional game. The 12.9" really feels like it's designed primarily for landscape mode, with side by side apps. As I mainly use an iPad for consumption, the usefulness of this is lost on me. My iPad's corner is predominantly seated in the palm of my left hand in portrait, with my right for input and nose picking. This just isn't practical for any length of time with the 12.9".

    The 12.9" absolutely blows away the 9.7" for comics and manga though. If I was much more into these things than I actually am, this alone would steer me towards the larger iPad.
  4. rui no onna macrumors 603

    rui no onna

    Oct 25, 2013
    Not necessarily. The weight is annoying for marathon 16-hour reading sessions. Also much more painful on the nose than the Air when the device falls on your face. :p
  5. yegon macrumors 68030

    Oct 20, 2007
    Ha, yes, that makes sense, although seeing Marvel Unlimited or some random manga I've got in Comic Zeal on the large screen made me think OOOH!!I'm a very casual reader of such things, but for avid comic readers the larger iPad Pro must be amazing.
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    Aspect ratios play a role as well. For the same diagonal, an aspect ratio of 4:3 gives more area than an aspect ratio of 16:9


    A 15" display with 16:9 ratio is just 20% larger than the iPad Pro with a 12.9" diagonal.

    To put it in perspective, if the iPad Pro had a 16:9 ratio, then a 15" display with a 16:9 ratio would be 35% larger. It is quite a significant difference.
  7. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    It took me a few days to get used to the size, but once I had it there was no going back. The 12.9 inch screen is great for writing and editing documents. Initially I thought I'd use the iPP more at a desk with s Bluetooth keyboard, but I'm mostly using it on my lap. I just sit with my knees raised and rest my iPad against my legs, or use a pillow to prop it up. I also like that in landscape, the on screen keyboard gives me full size keys, and in portrait, the on screen keyboard is actually big enough to thumb type -- with smaller iPads, the on screen keyboard in portrait was so small I kept hitting the wrong keys all the time. I know not everyone will find the 12.9 comfortable to use, but the only way to know if it works for you or not is to buy one and use it for a few days. Hope you can buy from a store with good return policy.
  8. Eric5273 macrumors 6502a

    Apr 12, 2009
    New Jersey
    I bought the 12.9 back in December. At the time I had gone to the store to get a smaller iPad, but seeing the Pro's great screen and hearing the speakers, I just had to get one. With that, I decided that in order to justify the purchase, it was going to replace my old 2010 MacBook Pro. So the purchase was instead of getting a smaller iPad and a new MacBook.

    I will admit that for those times when you want to just hold the iPad in your hands and use it, a smaller one would be more comfortable. But when you are working at a desk or table, the huge screen is really awesome. Working with the iPad on my lap I think is the same regardless of the screen size.

    So yes, it really depends on your usage. Do you multitask? If so, the larger screen makes it actually comfortable. Multitasking on the smaller screen is usable in a pinch, but you are not going to want to sit there for an hour with 2 apps open side by side. On the 12.9" screen, 2 apps side by side is very comfortable.

    Also, a VERY important thing with the larger screen Pro is to make sure you get yourself the right case/stand, probably more so than with smaller iPads where most of your use you will just be holding it like you do an iPhone. I actually ended up spending $160 and getting a case called the Flip Steady which has a built in stand with multiple angles in both portrait and landscape modes, yet it is very light and doesn't add much weight to the Pro -- which brings up another issue -- many of the cases out there, and especially the keyboard cases, make the 12.9" Pro as heavy as a MacBook Air. So if you get the 12.9 and plan to also get the Apple Keyboard, keep in mind that you will now be lugging around 3 lbs.

    Overall I'm very happy with my 12.9, but I expect my experience will improve over time as more and more apps are designed to take advantage of the huge screen and multitasking features. But if you are getting your iPad as a companion device to your Mac and you want it to be very portable, I'd go with the 9.7 or mini.
  9. FairyCatInPink macrumors 6502


    Nov 23, 2015
    San Francisco, CA
    I also repeat same thing what I said on other similar threads, but really, it all depends on what YOU want to do with it.
    I prefer smaller size than 12.9", first off I thought, but after got 12.9" and started drawing/painting/editing music on it, I understood why it should be 12.9" and not 9.7". And split screen feature looks just right, because 12.9" landscape way is almost same as two iPad mini side by side size. And I have iPad mini 4 to go around and read/play games before I got 12.9" Pro.
    First time when I saw 12.9" Pro, I thought it's huge. But it didn't take me even few days to get use to it.
    I never had any larger size than iPad mini before this 12.9" Pro, and kinda wanted to have smaller one, so when 9.7" Pro was announced, I dropped by Apple Store and checked Air just to make sure that size won't be comfortable to work on digital art/compose music and split screen feature looked like joke and not acceptable on 9.7".
    I'm going with my 12.9", that size is reasonable when I do what I want to do on it, and weight isn't that much heavy. It's acceptable level as mobile, can't beat my iPad mini for it anyway though.
    9.7" is not exactly mobile size, and not exactly comfortable size to "work" on.

    That's all my opinion and in my case, my needs fit more with 12.9" and iPad mini, instead of 9.7".
  10. Newtons Apple macrumors Core

    Newtons Apple

    Mar 12, 2014
    Jacksonville, Florida
    The 12.9 is fantastic and has taken my Air 2's place for Internet cruising from the Lazyboy.

    But for field use the 9.7, on order, will be much appreciated for pencil use.

    Sold both Air 2 units and have no regrets.
  11. mrklaw macrumors 68020

    Jan 29, 2008
    seems like a normal reaction to me. It is big.

    But its no bigger than your average ultrabook with a 13" screen. You might adjust. You might not.

    For me a big problem putting me off is the web browser. That is my primary use and it just feels too big fullscreen. Portrait is too tall, and landscape has a ton of wasted space. So it almost wants to be used splitscreen landscape, with another app on the side. But while that is useful sometimes, I don't want to have to use it like that just to be comfortable.

    so I'm going with the 9.7" pro. If the discounts in the UK were anything like the US best buy/staples ones I might be reconsidering though..
  12. Chairman.Jobbie macrumors 6502

    Sep 9, 2011
    1 - don't know.
    2 - maybe 1-3h / a day.
    3 - I'm thinking the 9.7 might be the one being returned.

    I've had a pro now for about 3 days and i think I'm converted. I went to Apple Store 3 times previously to play with the iPad Pro for 30 odd minutes and see it if something I could move too but always came away thinking it's just too big - and the price didn't help.

    Then after ordering the 9.7 pro on Thursday I thought let me try the 12.9 at home to see if I'm missing something whilst I wait - so I brought it on my way home. I love it. I've basically replaced my MacBook Pro the last 2 days after I'd finished setting up the pro.

    I'll give it the full 2 weeks return by period and I'll have the 9.7 side by side for a week hopefully to fully see which is best for me. But we have an air 2 in the house and I tried the split screen - it's passable but the 12.9 is 'proper' spilt screen. I love doing everything on it. Screen is amazing for general browsing and reading - everything. It's a touch heavy for an iPad with a case on (khomo iPad Pro case) but I think I can live with it / accept it. Mostly I'll be on a couch with pillow on my lap.

    I have an IPad Air 1 which I'll sell.

    I also have an iPad mini 4 which is fantastic in its own right - which I will be keeping as a smaller go to / mobile device.

    I will say the iPad Pro smart keyboard isn't great for me so far. I think I'll be returning it. I prefer the on screen keyboard - it's probably enough for my needs and I have an apple Bluetooth keyboard If I need it. We will see.

    I recommend people try the 12.9 at home.
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    My experience is not a ton of wasted space. I'm reading these forums in both orientations and it's perfect. Also, pinching the screen brings up all the open tabs which is fantastic - better than MacBook experience. Try it at home. What you got to lose? I'm in uk and fully intend to use 2 week return period - the apple sales guy also encouraged me too.
  13. sjleworthy macrumors 65816


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    Penarth, Wales, UK
    1) dont know. Does portrait/landscape really look that different to people when purchasing is involved? I used to use my regular ipad in portrait 100% of the time. Now, i use the 12.9 landscape 100% of the time. This reminds me more of using a regular screen and not a magazine like the regular ipad did. Mind you, it's best in both rotations really. Give or take. There is no 'best' i think.
    2) about 33 seconds
    3) never ever again. For me, after using the 12 incher for a session there's absolutely NO going back.

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