Nortel Completes $4.5 Billion Patent Sale to Apple-Led Consortium

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    Nortel today announced that it has officially completed the $4.5 billion sale of over 6,000 patents to a consortium of companies led by Apple. The proposed sale had previously passed muster with both bankruptcy courts and Canadian regulatory authorities, and antitrust concerns regarding the bidding process appear to have also been satisfied.
    Apple last week revealed that it had contribution $2.6 billion to the total purchase price and it has been claimed that Apple's stake entitles it to outright ownership of the LTE-related patents as well as others that could be used to hinder Android.

    Article Link: Nortel Completes $4.5 Billion Patent Sale to Apple-Led Consortium
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    So how does this work?......Nortel gets a check for 4.5 billion dollars, runs down to bank of America and makes the deposit, then, They run back to the office and email a 35k PDF of all the Patents to Apple?.....LOL, then, if requested, Nortel will send all of the napkins that the patents were scribbled on over the past years?.....The whole process seems so funny.
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    That's the funniest POS I've seen in a while! LOL.
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    Holy smoke. An average of $750,000 per patent !

    OTOH, if they can get at least $450 million a year in license fees over the next decade, it'll pay them back.

    It could have a larger effect on the carriers, who might change their plans or do the licensing themselves.
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    Or from a defensive perspective, not having to pay out to someone else may be worth it.

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