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    Hey all...figured since I spent some time out at the stores this morning I would post what I (didn't) find. Went to two Targets...the one on Fields Ertel and one in South Lebanon. Also stopped at Wal-Mart in Deerfield. Nothing. I had called Target yesterday and the one said they might get some because it was expected to be in the circular this morning. There wasn't an ad in the circular however. Both Target managers said they had "no idea" when they would be getting them in.

    I also called MicroCenter last night...they didn't have any either and "didn't know when" they would be getting them in. Best Buy on Fields Ertel is taking $100 reservations but they couldn't guarantee you would get one before you got them from Apple 3-4 weeks out. I bit the bullet and just ordered one online. Also stopped at Apple store in Kenwood...none there. I saw the poster said they were getting "daily" shipments but when I talked to a sales guy he said that was the first he had heard of that. Wasn't expecting any in on Sunday.

    Anyway...would be great to keep a Cinci post open for people who do find one in the next week or so. I am going to keep calling around. Good luck all!
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