Norton 360 deluxe not fit for purpose


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May 22, 2019
I put Norton 360 Deluxe on my MBP late 2019 since Christmas 2019 I have had problems With the Norton 360 Secure VPN. In the Norton 360 control panel it says I am secure if I goto the Norton drop down menu in the top dock it says Secure VPN not connected and both connect and disconnect are greyed out. This has now happened 5 times each time having to get in contact with Norton help. The first 4 times the solution was to reinstall Norton 360 Deluxe. On Friday 10th January 2020 was the 5th time Norton Secure VPN failed when I finally got connected to Norton level 2 support I refused to have the Secure VPN reinstalled if the had not been fixed. Norton level 2 support then loaded in Norton stand alone VPN.
The stand alone VPN has a few features that the Norton 360 Secure VPN dose not have

1. It starts automatically.

2. You only have to look at the top dock to see if its working.

3. When it shuts down unexpectedly you only have to log in to it again.

After the Norton level 2 support finished I revoked permissions for him to control my MBP and then closed the chat window before I did a restart. I was very surprised when after the restart the Norton chat window reopened and the Norton level 2 support had remote access to my MBP again. I asked how did he manage to do that after i revoked permissions and he ended the remote link. I am still waiting for Norton to tell me how this happened.

On Monday 13th January I booted up my MBP and went to log into my Norton password manager and Norton safe web plus were not working. It took 2 hours to get norton level 2 support to start a remote link again he he reinstalled the safe web plus twice and could not get it to work and told me he would get back to me that was about 16 hours ago and still nothing.

I then got back in touch with norton chat as i wanted to get the answers to a few questions

1. "How did norton restart the remote session after I removed permissions for you to take control and closed the chat window before restarting my MacBook?"

2. Why did the level 2 support take of without saying anything?

3. Why is norton 360 not fit for purpose?

The supervisor i spoke with told me I would have a call back within 1 to 2 hours about this. I am not sure how long an hour lasts on the planet Norton as I am still waiting for the call back.
I also asked the supervisor from Norton if I was safe to go online with no internet protection as my Norton 360 Deluxe not working properly and could not be trusted.
I was told " you can browser from this link and you will be protected. Please go to

If all I need for internet security is Norton safe search and I am protected why have I paid Norton for Norton 360 Deluxe and is all of Nortons other internet security a waist of time and money?
If all you need to be protected on the internet is Norton safe search is all the internet security sold a waist of money?

Norton supervisor should of said Norton safe search will not give at best limited protection.

This is why I say in my opinion Norton 360 Deluxe is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE
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