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Jun 24, 2010
Hey guys, So i do a lot of downloading a transferring of large files. I have been using the app caffeine to keep my mac on while doing this. But i have to leave the lid open. I found an app called NoSleep (icon is: ZZ) that works really great. It keeps the mac running even with lid closed if you want and also requires password when opening. My question is that i dont want the app running 24/7 in the top toolbar when its not in use. But the problem is that there is no icon for it in Applications and not able to add to bottom dock so i can open it and enable it when needed. its only in System settings and its a pain to go into there and open then enable each time. Why are there no icons for an app!! Is there any way to add it to the bottom bar?

This is the only place that the setting and app exits, but the real prob is i have to go into settings, enable it, restart comp so its then up top in tool bar, enable it, then use...




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Apr 23, 2015
This is actually a kernel extension - not a regular application. That's why it doesn't show up as an app in the dock.

There are no non-negligible downsides to leaving kernel extensions that you aren't using. They don't use up your processing power or memory, and they don't even affect boot time (noticeably) since OS X loads the kernel cache at startup. There won't be any performance hit from leaving it "on" all the time.

If your issue is with the aesthetics of having the icon in the menubar all the time, I don't think there's a way around that.

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Feb 16, 2013
Don't know if you notice that the nosleep app icon appears in the launcher app and you can search for it via spotlight as well. Just click on it and it automatically starts up. That's what I do when I want to use it.
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