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    I am in a discussion with a friend about Mac's in the workplace. He has sited the interoperability of Macs on Windows networks as a major problem citing the following from wikipedia. What is the reality here?
    Criticism of Bonjour from Wikipedia

    Bonjour services are installed without explicit user permission and the software is often not necessary for running the programs that bundle it. While there are no documented conflicts with anti-virus software packages or the Microsoft Windows operating system, some corporate firewalls[which?] may raise a warning when Bonjour attempts to broadcast the availability of network services.[citation needed] Some technical forums[which?] have reported that the service can break a configured internet connection and also can conflict with system files on certain versions of Windows. Other programs with which it interferes include Juniper Network Connect, a VPN client.

    Stability of the software varies with each version. Misbehaviour on larger corporate or ISP networks caused when Bonjour issues excessive or malfunctioning broadcasts are unwelcomed by IT managers,[which?] especially given the limited technical support Apple provides for this product. Users who manually disable the service will often find it re-enabled by Apple's regular software updates.[citation needed]

    Uninstalling the software is usually problematic. After uninstalling Bonjour, it commonly leaves processes running in the background. mdnsresponder doesn't show up in one's TCP/IP stack using tools such as lspfix.exe until after killing the leftover processess, deleting the process files and then rebooting.

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    I actually ran into that at my office , i am the only one who uses apple, and bonjoir was installed. It caused alot of headache with sonicwall's push AV by mcafee.

    after the group policy's were adjusted and created properly the issues went away. now i bonjoir with 15 windows laptops with my MP

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