not again...! d5000 vs 500d

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by sleyeu, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Oct 18, 2009
    im sure this has come up many a time but this one is slightly personalised and v2010!

    i am going to get the nikon d5000 or the canon 500d

    i have a few questions,

    1. which is more Mac friendly in bundled software and connection

    2. which would be best for a begginer who takes any sort of picture, from family to random sights and animals.

    3. biggest variety and price of lenses (the cheaper ones lol)
    -I am going to get it with a kit lens-

    4. which takes the better picture.
    Ok this question is trickey but, i have played around with both, taken pictures and film with them. I see no difference. The articulating screen on the nikon doesnt make it better for me anyway. (been using a 1" 5 year old PNS with a scruffy 6mp)

    5. Which is more friendly and most usable like a PNS because im going to share this camera with someone who will never learn how to focus and zoom properly so autoeverything capability or similar function is a big deciding factor.

    thanks for your time-
    and answers!
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    Feb 19, 2005
    Both Canon and Nikon come with Mac-friendly software. I shoot Canon point & shoots and Nikon DSLRs and have never had an issue with either software suite. Then again nowadays I use Aperture and iPhoto (iPhoto for P&S shots).

    Either will be good for a beginner, it is up to the beginner what feels better in their hands. You also may want to ask yourself if you see yourself upgrading to a more advanced DSLR later and if that were the case which line fancies you more.

    I've seen packages for both Nikon and Canon, I'd buy whatever was within my budget and suited my needs. You seem to want to shoot "everything" which to me is code for "I'm not sure". I'd buy whatever was the biggest bang for my buck and whatever gave you the most versatility. Sometimes you pay more to get more ... you know.

    Which takes better pictures? It depends. The Nikon has fewer pixels on a larger sensor making it a possibility that it handles better in low light. However, the software to reduce noise in the Nikon could suck and Canon's could be great. Who knows. I'd check out DP review to compare test shots.

    I think the Canon has better focus options but Nikon has a more powerful flash (not always great but it does extend further). The kicker for me is the Nikon has more flash options. This would be important to me. And please refrain from telling me you don't plan on using your flash. Once you figure out what you want to shoot and then learn how to use your camera you'll see why I'd say such a thing.

    I could compare side-by-side for days. To me the Nikon looks to be the better camera on paper considering the MP to sensor size ratio. However, like I said the software could be junk and for that you best be comparing test shots. Overall the Canon looks like it'd feel better in my hands, which is weird because I generally feel weird shooting Canon DSLRs.

    Both are P&S cameras, both are catered to those who want nice pics but don't want to bother with menus. I've used both Canon and Nikon P&S and I find Canon menus to be more intuitive on P&S cameras. Eventually you will have to leave your cave and go outside to try both cameras. Trying to buy online solely based on what people say is difficult unless you've shot a certain line for ages. For me, my first DSLR purchase was done in-store where I tried both Canon and Nikon (despite owning all Nikon film cameras and lenses) and found it was Nikon that I was still drawn to.
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    Oct 18, 2009
    ah great!

    thank you once more!

    i see what you mean about the upgrade line.

    i see some high end canons are more popular, epecially the 5d mkII

    when you mentioned flash, first thing i thought was naah dont need it.

    Ill have a good look at picture comparison in dp review, last time i was looking at specs..

    thanks again!

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