Not all Contacts synch to iPhone 6+

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Mugwumper, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Hi -

    I'm baffled by something that's happening: I have 607 items in my Contacts (on a mid-2010 iMac 27", 10.9.5, iTunes 11.4) but only 574 on my iPhone 6+ (64GB, iOS 8.1.3).

    I'm using a USB cable to synch the phone (no iCloud - I manage a homeowners association, and the residents don't want their info available to others). There's an option where you can override true synching and force iTunes to overwrite everything on the iPhone. I use this all the time now since I don't want to lose anything, and thus Contacts on the iMac is the "master" list.

    From what I can tell, all my Calendar entries are fine - nothing missing. Just Contacts is having trouble.

    For a few of the ones I know are missing on the phone, I've gone into the entry on the iMac and changed a few things, thinking the record for that entry has been corrupted. I do an Export > Contacts Archive just before I do a synch, and I've tried doing the synch with and without Contacts running. Nothing seems to matter.

    Any ideas what might be happening, or what I need to do different(ly)? What if I did a backup, then deleted everything from Contacts - can I then "import" everything from the archive file?

    Thanks for any guidance or suggestions . . .
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    I had that happen to me one time a few iPhones ago, and now I don't leave the store w/o getting them transferred in the could always go with an old backup or the most recent back for all your contacts! :cool:
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    Do you have groups setup? Perhaps the phone is set to only display 1 group not All Contacts.

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