Not Connecting to Correct Wifi, Help Needed.


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Jul 24, 2011
As the title says; I have my MacBook Pro 2015 Model running OS Catalina. trouble I have its not finding the correct wifi but, is able to find all the other wifi around my apartment. Below is the setup of the wifi

Service Provide to Home - Fiber Optic Model/Router, 5GHz. Make : Huawei, Model I am not sure. Installed in Living Room.

From here, I have extended a Physical network cable about 25 Feet and attached to Airport Express (latest generation when it was available) in the Master Bedroom. 5Ghz signals.

SSID's for wifi are different for both the wifi routers.

Trouble I have when I am in living room and try to search for Wifi SSID; All the other neighbors SSID's are shown immediately and takes a while for mine own to come even if I am practically standing next to Huawei Router.

And Same happens when I move to Master Bedroom. It is able to find all the other SSID's almost instantly but not mine. More than few times, I need to turn off the wifi and then it own for the Airport Express signal to be detected.

Is there a setting that I can enable or a script I can run that when I move rooms, it will be able to locate my home wifi's faster or connect to it faster?

RSSI is typically -37
NOISE is typically -95
Channel is set to 132



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Jan 11, 2017
Almost certainly will be fixed in this case if you change the channel. Channel frequency is known to cause exactly this problem.
Hold option key, click on wifi symbol in menu bar, go to 'network diagnostics' then in the menu bar go to 'window' then 'scan'.
That will give you a list of the wifi networks around you and what channels they are working on.
Choose one manually based on what is working, interference etc.
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