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Apr 10, 2015
Cheshire, UK
I've got a 42mm S3 SS and will be skipping the S4 as it's everything I need for now but just like the S0 I had before the S3 the time will come for an upgrade and it will probably be the S5.

What I have noticed though is that the proportions of the watch, to me, just don't seem as pleasing on the 40/44 vs the 38/42 and I'm wondering if part of this was down to a compromise to make the curves meet the original band sizes.

To give some context this is what I'm talking about..


I just love the shape of the original and am not too struck by the new rounder shape which seems to be just giving way to a round face.. which might be interesting (if Jony could get over the idea).. no I think at the moment this is too halfway and it would have looked better if they kept the proportions of the curves and came out with a different band sizing - You do need to separate the thoughts about your current investments in bands here as I have, I have quite a few and would be annoyed that they didn't fit but I'm more annoyed if it just doesn't look correct in proportions.


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Jun 29, 2008
I don't think it's a massive difference. I think the slightly more rounded corners make more sense with the increased dimensions.
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Sep 19, 2014
I agree. I prefer the look of the original. Especially with certain bands like the woven nylon. But it’s a personal thing.


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Aug 24, 2011
Loving the new curves!!! The screen and the smaller bezel is sexy!
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