iPod not enough space on iPod?


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May 27, 2006
Sorry, I'm iPod/iTunes-retarded :(

So I have a 4GB mini (I know, no room!). My iTunes Library says that I've filled up 2.71GB so far. But lately when I update my iPod it says I have no more room left. I've been deleting a lot of songs to fit my new ones in (I know, I can do that smart playlist thing. But I like all my songs!) but shouldn't I be able to fit at least 1GB more? I don't have any podcasts or anything of the sort..

Edit// On my iTunes when I go to update my iPod it says I have used 3.74GB and I have 30MB left. But on my iPod it says I have used the capacity of 3.7GB BUT I have 1.1GB available.

What confuses me is why my library says I've only used 2.71GB. I only have under 600 songs! This sucks :(