not getting mail ! HUH ?!

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  1. sundevils1 macrumors newbie

    Oct 22, 2008
    Hi all-
    Total rookie here so if this is a simple fix , please bear with me.

    I have been unable to get mail to the iphone since Sunday when I synced with my laptop (iMac) that was hooked up to the hotel internet where I was staying.
    I didn't change any settings but now, I can't get mail. I can SEND mail and I can get on the internet via Safari . I tried restoring the phone but still I get the spinning wheel that says "Checking for mail " and then after a while I get the " unable to connect to server " message.
    I don't use Gmail or anything like that, my email is through my cable company.
    Any clues as to what the heck I did ? I am desperate ! Please share your knowledge with me.

    Thanks -
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    question fear

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    Hmm. Do you know the settings for your email address off the top of your head? Your best bet might be to delete it and set it up all over again.

    Alternately, you could try signing up for a random free account (gmail or yahoo) and see if you have issues there too, just to make sure it is your settings and not your phone.

    Finally, have you usually sent emails from home but are now sending them from the road? Some cable companies have smtp (outgoing) settings that only work when you are on their network (cough, comcast, cough) which case you need to call your cable company to find out the correct settings or change email addresses.
  3. sundevils1 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 22, 2008

    Hi and thanks for the reply.
    I am assuming my settings are OK since I am able to SEND mail.
    It's a POP account and I could erase it all and start again if you think that would help .

    I will try to set up a free email account and see what happens, thanks !

    The last question...I am back home now so I would think the server is just connecting through my router just as always. Does that make sense ?


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