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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by munkees, Aug 30, 2009.

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    I like iPhoto, but it really lacking in organization, I have over 13K photos, here are my issues.


    Why can I not drag a folder and album to the disk, and have it set up a directory structure like what is in iPhoto, this would make it easier to dump photos to go on a thumb drive, in an organized manner.


    Why can I not organize my folders by album in iPhotos. Example if I have a folder called fish, and 2 albums in it called fishing and Aquarium why can I not organize the parent folder by how the photos are organized in the albums, and also placed in the folder by which album comes first or second.

    Very frustrating the lack of same machine organization in iPhoto, it seems so geared towards mobileme, flickr and facebook, but not for my own mac.


    when I create an empty slide show why can I not just drag an album or folder down and it place the photos into it.

    new features I would like to see

    Photo stitching.

    I have tried using Aperture on the 30 day trail, I did not like the UI, and it ran slow (I have an iMac 2.8 Extreme with 4 GB ram). Iin full screen you do not have the tools for adjustment available, but you could use a second screen as full and the main screen with the tools.

    I just could not justify $200 for the program.

    I did not bother with light room, it is from adobe, and I don't like them personally.
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    Ask Apple
    That is your choice. I don't like Apple personally; however I use their software and consequently hardware, because I think they are the most competent at what they do. I too have tried Aperature and found myself better able to work with LightRoom.

    If Adobe is out of the question - have you considered Bibble?
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    I guess I should be more open, I will give them both a trial.
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    I don't understand the question you're asking in part b. You mention organizing folders in iPhoto, but iPhoto doesn't use folders at all. I just did a test. I named a folder "Test", in it I named two more folders "A" and "B". I then grabbed the folder called "Test" and dragged it into iPhoto. iPhoto produced two new events, one called "A" with the correct photos and one called "B" with the correct photos. I don't see the problem you're having.

    c. You're correct, you can't drag Albums to a new slideshow. However, you can drag an event to it. Everytime you import to iPhoto it creates a new event. Most of the time the I make an album from that event. However, if you want to make a slideshow from an album, you just push the slideshow button under the album viewer and it does it for you. So, perhaps I just need explanation on what specifically you're trying to accomplish with the slideshow.

    Aperture does let you use adjustment tools in fullscreen mode, you press H to get the inspector window and then click on the adjustments tab.
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    Pacific Northwest
    on the left side in iPhoto albums you can have folders, in these folders, you can place albums, what I want is to be able to sort my folder, with the photos in the order the photos are in the album. so if I click on the folder I can see the photos are in order I arranged them in the album, and in order of albums too.

    I want to be able to grab that folder and drop it on a thumb drive, keeping the same order and structure, but on the drive the albums become sub folders.

    you cannot arrange you photos events, you cannot order you photos in the order you want them in an event, this can only be done in an album.

    No manually sorting is allowed in folders or events.

    thanks I check it out again.
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    You CAN make slide shows from albums. That is the only way I've ever make a slide show.

    How much time did you give Aperture? It takes longer than a few hours to learn. Even 30 days is pushing it. You will not know all of Aperure in only 30 days. There are tow tricks to working fast in Aperture (1) Learn the keyboard shortcuts and (2) Use fast preview mode. That means those yellow borders on the images. It runs very fast even on my slower 2.14Ghz hardware

    You are right about full screen mode. By definition if one thing is "full screen" then there an not be anything else on the screen. But you can toggle modes with just one key.

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