NOT just a simple hyperlink to pdf, looking for.

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    Feb 25, 2011
    Dear all,

    this is Marco, from Italy - sorry for my english -.
    Hope I can find some help and, finally, a good solution to my small problem.
    Problem: I'm looking for a good software to write a summary (trial) of a long story reported in more than 100 pdf file. Many of them already with approprriate link, mark and tags.

    Where am I and what I have: I'm working with a MBA with Mavericks, old iPhone 4 (unfortunately upated to iOS 7 (grrr!!) ) and lucky owner of a marvellous iPad air. I bought iDocuments2 that I found good for my scope, BUT

    now all my PDF documents are quite perfect with all relevants information highlighted and tagged.
    Now I need to preparre a single text reporting whta was , and is , happening mentioning each individual problem with a link - hyperlink. I have to discuss this in mid January and the doc must be showed to a group of people.
    The ideal is writing down each problem occured with relative link to a specific page or image or whole document.

    I tried to google the problem, to surf in many forums but I found solutions only for creating a link inside a pdf file.

    Any of you has a good idea for me?

    Thanks in advance for your support, Any suggestion are really welcome.

    Bye from Milano.
  2. onekerato, Nov 13, 2013
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    Jun 6, 2011
    I wrote some apps to work with PDFs, so my suggestion uses those apps:

    Use "PDFCombo" to combine the 100 PDF files into one PDF. It will create a table of contents in the merged PDF with a link for the start of every PDF inside it. PDFCombo is free (link below)

    Then use "PDFoo" to create a pdfoo:// URL to a specific "chapter" in the merged PDF or to any text inside it. You can even automatically export all the highlights and notes to a rich text with a pdfoo URL back to each annotation. The report may practically write itself :)

    Save your rich text notes in TextEdit (RTF or RTFD format) or Evernote or other supported apps for sharing & presenting to others.

    Link: PDFCombo
    Link: PDFoo Overview (PDF, 13 pages, 4.4 MB)
    Link: PDFoo fully functional 7-day trial download

    You can get PDFoo in the Mac App Store or purchase directly on or get it in the Productive PDF Bundle by
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    Feb 25, 2011
    NOT just a simple hyperlink to pdf, looking for.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

    During my unprofitable search (damn, is a so basic request and no product or sw able to solve it - ie. word...) I read something about your sw. Honestly I did not see that there is a trial version. With this APP system is so easy to buy tons of apps - It's just few dollars - that you never use. Obviously is a well study system.

    I'll immediately get your sw and try it for a a while. I'll be happy to buy it once fit my easy need ( I do repeat myself. I just was looking something like a simple text file with hyperink on it...)

    Thanks again

  4. onekerato macrumors regular

    Jun 6, 2011
    The new version of Pages and Keynote now supports PDFoo hyperlinks, so if you wanted to write a report in Pages or create a presentation in Keynote which links to content on a particular page/location in a PDF, it's now possible. Thank you Apple!

    This URL support extends to other 3rd party hyperlinks such as evernote:// too.

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