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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ivicyrusivi, Jun 28, 2010.

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    ok, so... aim of this post is to try and get some answers from other customers.

    I have a Vodafone Hardware account - where i am given a certain value to buy phones each year. This is not an upgrade and the phones arn't on a contract when recieved.

    am trying to get the phone unlocked, but am getting the run around from the business team / Vodafone in general.

    Trying to speak to vodafone - i ended up with the following answers:

    Last week friday:
    1. I was told i was unable to get the phone unlocked as it was an upgrade (which it's not) - Business team
    2. When i tried to activate the sim onto a PAYG tariff, they said that i would not be able to unlock the phone until the sim had been activated, which could not be done for another 2 weeks, because the SIM number was not on their system yet. - General CS
    3. Called up again, and was put onto the technical team, who said, it is possible but they don't have authorisation as they do not know the circumstances in which i obtained the phone - he advised me that it would be done in my situtation.

    4. Today, I am told (from the buisness team) that it is not possible at all, only if I was porting my number over to VF.

    Anyone else in a similar situation, that might have managed to sort this out?

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    Mar 5, 2008
    guess im on my own? wow im unique :)

    wish me luck

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