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    Below is a link to a youtube video which demonstrates the application the my group member and I created for our capstone project at The Ohio Sate University.

    My Capstone CSE 762 course at The Ohio State University was to develop an application on the Microsoft Surface Table. It is a very Risk style game as it stands right now. We had to keep the scope fairly limited as none of the group members were familiar with C#, XAML, or the Surface environment. We have the application up and running on the Surface Table in the Digital Union at OSU.

    The ultimate goal for this application is to bring in more data (currently we only bring in real time weather) like topology, historical data (for game play from a certain era), greatest state exports (to count towards troops, etc), and many other things. I am fairly sure none of my group will me working on this project again but I know this project is gong to be picked up and expanded upon.

    Youtube link:

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