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    Jan 13, 2010
    I'm pretty good at setting things up with my computer and my iPhone, but I've been trying to solve this issue for waaaay too long. For some reasons, I can't make it work. I've googled around, and can't find anything.

    -- I have a main email address (non iCloud) set up in my iPhone. Works fine. Let's say it's

    -- I also have several other addresses that were created on my GoDaddy control panel, but only forwarded to my main address. Let's say it's

    On my Mac, using Mail (on an old OSX 10.6.8 MacBook) I don't need to set up the abcd@ address with an account and a password. It simply gets in my inbox through the 1234@ address (because it's forwarded by the GoDaddy server)

    For some reason, this doesn't work with my iPhone (iOS8). I only get the 1234@ emails but not the forwarded ones. And I don't suppose I should set up a new account for abcd@ since it's supposed to be forwarded by the server.

    Anyone knows what I should do? Should I simply contact GoDaddy?

    (by the way, sorry for my bad english. not my native language)
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    Yes. Call GoDaddy. I'd think you should receive the emails to the "aliases" on all devices.

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